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About Blind Ice Hockey

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Blind Ice Hockey is the same exhilarating, fast-paced sport we all know with only one main difference; each player is legally blind.  These players have a spectrum of sight from 10% to totally blind. The lowest vision skaters play defense or goalie while the more sighted athletes are forwards.The blind ice hockey puck represents the most significant modification to the sport.  It measures 5.5 inches in diameter, and is 2 inches high but weighs about the same as a regular puck.  It is both bigger and slower than its vulcanized rubber counterpart.  The puck is made of metal and contains ball bearings that create a rattling noise for tracking.



A few rule adaptations have been made to help with gameplay and player safety.

  1. The top 12 inches of a regulation net are blocked to reduce the height to keep shots low.  This helps with tracking by the totally blind goaltender.
  1. Once players cross into the offensive zone they must complete a pass before shooting the puck.  This also allows the low-vision defense and goaltenders to track its movement.
  1. Standard IIHF safety rules apply, including crease violations and no-touch icing.  Players wear traditional protective gear including a full face mask.