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for Dash at Dusk 5K, St. Louis’ Premier Race and Walk for every BODY on Sunday, May 6 @ 4p.m. hosted at 370 Lakeside in St. Peter, MO

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Thank you for visiting our website and remember, it just takes a bunch of people pulling on the same rope!

Will you pull with us?


This year a group of individuals has come together, given their time and talent and has been serving on the board for the Saint Louis Recreation Development Group. This team has taken on the monumental task of developing a 100% inclusive amusement park specifically designed for people with physical and mental disabilities and special needs.

Learn more about what we are trying to do! Listen to an interview with Jamie Vann on The Weekly Yes, And Podcast !



 The destination will be located in the St. Louis metropolitan area and will provide our clientele and their families a 100% accessible amusement park including:

Splash Park

Sensory Areas



Ice Rink

The 3 venues will offer accessibility for ALL individuals, with or without special needs, regardless of age, ability or mental acumen; a place where every feature has been designed and crafted in a way that enables them to be enjoyed by every BODY in the park.  Specifically yet not limited to those individuals and their families with Down syndrome, Autism, PTSD, any person battling a life threatening disease and the hearing, visually, mentally and physically impaired; welcoming every BODY in tennis shoes to hospital beds.

This Park will further the 501©3 charitable purpose by providing person(s) with a disability and their family members an experience that is equal to that of any other child/person and the experience that child/family may have at a public facility that is NOT 100% accessible.

By relying on charitable contributions to fund this 100% inclusive park and reinvest in it year after year, person(s) with a disability can enter for FREE and a nominal fee will be collected for their family members, delivering reoccurring experiences and memories for EVERYONE!

The project is estimated to cost

0 million dollars

In order to obtain this kind of money we need to employ AECOM Technical Services and the Wonderland Development Group to perform an economic and feasibility study and develop 3-D renderings, architectural drawings, conceptual art work, websites and videos.

The cost for this work is


These items will be used to make presentations to city governments, elected officials, business owners, corporations, and celebrities. We plan to raise these funds using a short video explaining this project, grants, fundraisers, and community outreach programs.  Corporate campaigning will continue through social media and face-to-face networking, delivering the message that people with disabilities and special needs deserve a place that includes them.

Upon donor contributions, press releases will be submitted, website posts with logo recognition and social media blasts will be made in acknowledgment. Once the Park is in place, a donor wall will be displayed prominently, recognizing EVERY donation received.


Thank you for visiting our website and remember, it just takes a bunch of people pulling on the same rope!